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Mama Always Said

Mama Always Said
Mama Always Said

May 10, 2024 6:09 AM CDT
By: Laura McKenna

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Mama Always Said

With Mother’s Day on Sunday, we invite you to be part of the show by telling us what your MAMA ALWAYS SAID.  

Those little tid-bits of knowledge that your Mom would say again and again sometimes were met with an eye-roll, I’m sure. Yet as each of us have grown up, I think they ring truer and truer. Age and wisdom both have a funny way of doing that, right?

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself even saying your Mom’s old phrases again and again.   

For instance, Mama Linda always would say this same thing no matter what the situation I was dealing with: “Nobody’s sick and nobody died.” It was her way of quickly putting into perspective that no matter what the issue was, there was a way to deal with it because it wasn’t the worst case scenario. If you weren’t dealing with a sickness or a death in the family, everything else could be managed. And as much as I might not have wanted to hear that familiar phrase in the given moment, she was always right!   

What was that one thing your Mama Always Said? Email me the phrase or the stories behind the phrase. I’d love to hear them: Laura.McKenna@civicmedia.us 

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