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Few days left to save on stamps!

Few days left to save on stamps!
Few days left to save on stamps!

July 9, 2024 9:43 AM CDT
By: Laura McKenna

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Few days left to save on stamps!

Just a friendly reminder that postage goes up on Sunday.   So you might want to stock up on some Forever Stamps (especially if you have Thank You notes or invitations to send anytime soon).  

The price for a first-class Forever postage stamp is currently 68-cents and will bump up to 73-cents on July 14th.    It doesn’t seem like a big hike if you’re just mailing one birthday card.   But if you’re sending out a ton of envelopes (like for a wedding), that will add up. There’s the wedding officiant in me always thinking ahead for you!

Let’s say you’re sending out 100 invites to your wedding.   But you start with Save The Dates, then the invitations, then you pre-stamp the RSVPs, then you send Thank You Notes after.

If you buy all the stamps now before the increase:
Save the Dates- 100 x .68 = $68
Invites & Pre-Stamped RSVPs- 200 x .68 = $136
Thank You’s- 100 x .68 = $68
GRAND TOTAL:  $272.00

If you wait until the price goes up, you’ll be paying $292.00 for the same amount of stamps.   That’s a $20 savings.   And why not?  Better to keep that $20 in your pocket by planning ahead!

For more money saving tips and lots of laughs along the way, tune in to Laura McKenna starting at 10am weekdays on 105.7 WCFW and 95.7 St. Croix Country – all part of the Civic Media Network!

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